(Closed on December 31st., 2019)

Video production involves much more than just having the best technology. It is an art form and profession that requires a skilled craftsman behind the technology in order to give your story form, shape, and purpose and I have worked hard to develop those skills.

For over 25 years, as the Executive Director of Bristol Productions Ltd., I have been developing, scripting, shooting, and editing highly successful and award winning video presentations for my local, regional, national, and international clients. I don’t perform open heart surgery, I have never built a stitch and glue boat, I am not a hydrologist, I don’t teach early learning, I used to not know what the adipose eyelid tissue of a salmonid was, I don’t play for the Mariners, I have never run for office, and I have never had cancer….but I have produced videos on all of these subjects and many more.

Whether it is working with you to develop a video project from concept to completion or just developing various digital elements for you to use on your website, or in your presentations I will work with you to develop a plan to meet your video needs. You know your story, my job is to help you tell that story with video to help you gain new customers, explain your product, or keep existing customers informed and up to date.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to working with you in the future.